Never Look Back.

Just Don't.

Just Beth
22 December
3 am blackouts, abandoned buildings, alien abduction, appletinis, asshats, atheism, aures utrae, aurio sinister, autopsy photos, background noise, bad timing, bait & switch, balloon animals, bass guitar, batman, being vague, bingo, blahniks, blowjobs, bourgeois bullshit, boxer shorts, bullshitting you, campfire stories, catchprases, chain smoking, channelsurfing, cherry soda, cherry stems, chinese food, cocktails, cold coffee, cold weather, comedians, comic books, complaining, crime dramas, cross country procrastination, csi, curse words, dancing, david bowie, dead man's curve, dead things, dogs, dreamless sleep, earworms, ebonics, emotional black holes, fake smiles, fart jokes, firecrackers, fireworks, forensics, fueling the fucking fire, fuzzy dice, gary jones, gaydar, ghost stories, gonorrhea, gramaphones, grossout stuff, hard-drinking, hating this place, henry devlin, hot ass, insomnia, joe clarendon, juvenile jokes, karaoke, keeping secrets, kidneys, lacrosse, lame ass shit, language, lapdances, law & order, lipgloss, local history, lucky strikes, making fun of you, martinis, mexican food, mile high club, missed opportunities, missing digits, morbid curiosity, music, my car, my own big mouth, near death experiences, never looking back, not giving a shit, not you, odd facts, old movies, old people, old photographs, olives, one-up-manship, open mouth insert foot, overcompensation, paintball, personal exhibitionism, pete moore, peter gabriel, pinkieswearing, quitting smoking, sex talk, sexual innuendo, shoes, shopping, sleeping in, smack, smackdowns in parking lots, snow, social gaffes, spite, spooking you, staring contests, stimulants, stupid crap, stupid people, swizzle straws, tag you're it, takeout, talking dirty, talking shit, talking smack, that, that car, that one time, that other stuff, the rumour mill, the wrong answer, this, too much free time, travel, triple-dog-dares, twenty-year crushes, ufos, upping the ante, urban legends, verbal dodgeball, vertigo, wordsmithery, worshipping you from afar, wtf?, you of course